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About us

Dana travel started from scratch in 2011, as a local business and become one of the reliable and preferred travel commerce company in the market. With a turnover of QAR50+ million in 2016, Dana travel is now one of the leading travel commerce companies in the state of Qatar.

Quick Facts
  • Established in 2011
  • 6+ years of successful business operation
  • IATA accredited travel commerce agency
  • Headquartered in Doha, the state of Qatar
  • Entity of JNP group
  • 3+ offices in the state of Qatar
  • Multinational, multicultural and multilingual team
  • Retail travel
  • Corporate travel
  • Online travel

Our Vision

Deliver the best customer experience


Our Mission

Always stay behind every journey of our customer

Why us?

Here are some of the reasons
  • Responsive steady-state support
  • World-class technology, delivery and customer experience
  • 360-degree view of your business travel needs
  • Expertise implementation
  • The right approach that sets your business free
  • Control your business travel budget
  • Consistent standard level of service at all touch-points
  • Benefit from value, service, revenue and efficiency

Our people are at the heart of our company’s vision and mission.

Committed to pursuing this purpose and driving our company’s continued development, we strive to ensure that our knowledge, expertise and management leadership translates into value for our customers and contributes to the success of our stakeholders.

Corporate Travel Solutions

Corporate Travel Office

Committed to pursuing this purpose and driving our company’s continued development, we strive to ensure that our knowledge, expertise and management leadership translates into value for our customers and contributes to the success of our stakeholders.


Transactions processed annually


of phone calls are answered within 3 rings


of email queries are replied within 1 hour

In-office Corporate Travel Desk

Get your business an exclusive dedicated on-site travel desk with trained travel personnel at your offices. Complete travel services at your office from query to completion and ongoing support according to your office timings and policies and much more... at your office.

After-Office-Hours Services

Be it a flight, date change, cancellation or an entirely new travel related transaction. We are here to support you any time, any place. All you need is the telephone number of your account executive. Easy? Simple? Exactly!

Multiple Communication Channels

We offer you multiple communication channels including telephone and email. Up to 10+ calls can be received at a time and an apt server space for emails.

Deal Management

We have the ability to manage your negotiated deals directly contracted with suppliers if any ensuring they are effectively managed and are complied with at all times. Thanks to our technology, 100% accuracy guaranteed once effectively implemented.

Big Data

We operate a leading powerful and flexible mid & back office system enabling us to generate fully customized data reports to multiple client levels. In addition, we are also able to provide other supplementary data information upon request.

Service Level Agreement

We have the ability to put together a Service Level Agreement in place to ensure that you are serviced to the correct levels and in the correct way that you are looking for.

Quality Control

Maximize your savings with quality control. With this tool, we can define rules at an individual customer or company level, ensuring all individual preferences or corporate policies are adhered to at the time of booking. Ensure high standards by guaranteeing the total quality of every transaction.

Customer Profile Plus

This unique intuitive interface allow us to manage all profile types including individual traveler, company and company-sub entities making profiles instantly accessible which can be used to create new reservations quickly and seamlessly.

e-Travel Management

e-Travel Management, is the corporate booking tool that enables your travellers to manage their complete itineraries aligned with company’s guidelines online.


Looking for ways to reduce your travel spend? With financial, traveller and IT constraints, making the right choice is critical.

Access to relevant travel content with the most adapted rates. Connect to the world with the richest external content on flights, rail, hotels, cars and destination services.

Save costs and optimise your travel programme.


Access all device on the move

Best Pricer

We offer you the access to the most well-rounded, accurate and best-priced travel options qualified for sales in the market. The range of inventory and leading shopping capability ensure that we have the ability to deliver exactly what your company need. This includes content from airlines, hotel and ancillary service options around the world.

Payment, Credit & Pricing Options

We offer flexible and convenient payment, credit facility and pricing options allowing you to choose that best suits your business.

Payment option via cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, lodge card, corporate credit card, and bank transfer.


Credit facility option from 15 days and up to 30 days.

Win-win pricing solutions:

We can offer a wide selection of pricing solutions meeting your corporate travel needs. Once we have determined and understood your needs, we will be happy to offer your business a competitive pricing solution.